How to pick your winning horse


Spotting your best horse in sports is an expensive business. Thousands and millions of pounds and hours are spent every year on identifying the right talent but it can also be rather unpredictable. In this second part, we will be looking at how you to pick your winning horse by following our top tips.

History. Always pay close attention to the jockey’s performance history in the program. If the jockey persistently places in the first three places, no matter what horse he or she is riding, it is a good indicator that you’ve got a winner there.  So if you see a horse that has consistently finished in the middle of the pack and with the jockey’s added experience, there’s a good chance that your chosen horse will finish on top.

Consider the odds.  For each race, every horse will have the odds printed out next to its name in the program.  The one most likely to win is the horse with the lowest odds. Although, past performance does not guarantee future results, statistics show that over time the race favourite is bound to pay off.

If you’re looking to handicap horses in the good chance of winning  a small return, then place the bet on the race favourite.

Watch the horse. Before every race while the horses are being paraded around the track, it gives you a good chance to see what the horse looks like and behaving before the race starts. Pay close attention to their behaviour.

Be random. You can also pick a horse based on some superstitious factor such as if he’s wearing your lucky number of colour or you like the name

Essential tips

You don’t have to bet every time.  The temptation is very evident but resist the temptation to place a bet on every single race. The best horse-player mulls over the entire program for the best bets and opportunities.

Set a budget. If you’re afraid of getting carried away with your betting, bring a set amount of cash. When you’re done, you leave.